January 2021 – New Board

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Upcoming EventsHi there,

SMB has elected (per the bylaws) myself (James Hammack), Andrew Odom, Linda Martin, and Donny Gabriel as the first homeowner run HOA Board of Directors. We hope to be representative of our neighborhood in all respects as we move into this next phase of neighborhood life. To that end, we want to remind everyone that we are unable to make decisions that are contrary to the Bylaws, though there is a process whereby the Bylaws can be amended should the community desire to make changes as a whole.

Our goal and desire is to serve our community with integrity and wisdom. We want to hear your voices and difficulties. And if you ever need one of us, we want to be as available as possible to help or facilitate help in any time of need. Please feel free to ask questions of any kind and send ideas or proposals that you might have for the growth and improvement of our neighborhood.

We are excited to be entering this new phase of community life with you all, and honestly, we look forward to building our neighborhood into a better place relationally than it has been in the recent past during the transition. Fairness, transparency, and grace are three words that would serve us all going forward. 2021 has great potential for good times in The Ridge at Pratt Farms!

Grace and Peace,
James Hammack
President, The Ridge at Pratt Farms HOA Board of Directors